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Certified Feline Master Groomer (NCGI)
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Welcome to Downtown Tabby Inc.

In understanding the true nature of Cats, we strive to provide a calming environment as we focus all our attention on grooming only one Feline in our salon at a time. In this loud and overstimulating world, we promote placidity and a quiet awareness combined with compassion, patience and skill.
Because we are nestled in the heart of Old Downtown Kuna, the ambience is one of ease and relaxation. Our state-of-the -art salon is equipped with the latest technology in grooming tools and equipment. To create a more melodic acoustic energy, we play feline-centric music scientifically orchestrated for Cats only. For the comfort of your Feline, filtered air quality, therapeutic pheromones and negative ion lighting influence our environment.

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All grooming is by appointment only.

Why Groom Cats?

As Professional Cat Groomers, one of the most challenging comments we hear is: “I thought cats groomed themselves!”

It is a common misconception that when cats are licking themselves, they are self- grooming. In reality, however, cats are merely licking themselves.

  • When a cat licks itself it is being covered in saliva and dander. Nothing is done during this licking process to relieve your cat of tangles, mats, fleas, dandruff, skin conditions and unsanitary things, especially from its hindquarters.
  • After years of licking itself, a cat sleeps on the sofa or curls up on the very pillow you lay your head on at night.

How Does Regular Grooming Promote Good Health For Your Cat?

  • Less Shedding and Hairballs: Regular baths help eliminate dead hair and lessen the problem. A cat that gets groomed on a regular basis sheds much less.
  • No Matting: Matting is a painful condition. A regular bath removes dirt and oil that causes this and other skin disorders.
  • Less Dander: A good bath removes dander from a cats skin, which helps kitty and people with allergies.
  • Early Detection: Groomers are privy to health issues before they become urgent. This will mean a healthier, longer life for kitty.
  • Less Stress: Cats who are groomed more often handle the process much better, allowing the groomer to do a better job.

         We’re often asked: “ So… Why DO cats lick themselves?”

         Well, there are actually several reasons.  Let’s learn more.

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