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A Dream That Really Came True

October 3, 2019/Uncategorized/0 Comments

Some years ago, I remember having the opportunity to take a much-deserved vacation. While excitedly making travel plans and reservations, suddenly a heavy stone laid on my heart. Who would care for my beloved felines while I was away? I had friends and family who might be available, but would…

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What Are the Responsibilities and Risks of a Cat Groomer?

July 16, 2019/Uncategorized/0 Comments

As cat groomers, we are always looking for ways to benefit the Whole Feline by being knowledgeable, skilled and conscientious. Those who are serious about running a successful and compassionate cat grooming business will have invested time and travel for study courses, testing, classes and seminars. Obtaining Certifications as a…

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Why is Foraging Important to Indoor Cats?

June 25, 2019/Uncategorized/0 Comments

In my opinion, cats are the most mysterious, beautiful, complicated and wonderful creatures alive. Felines have embedded in their DNA the instinct of survival and hunting. That is why the antics of play are most important to the mental health of indoor felines. We realize how important an indoor cat…

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There is a Whole Lot More to the Business of Cat Grooming

February 24, 2018/Uncategorized/0 Comments

‘Conscious Grooming’ is a matter dear to my heart.  Please follow the below link to my latest blog, published by NCGI:  https://nationalcatgroomers.com/blog-halpernbusinessofcatgrooming/

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The Uniqueness of the Magnificent Feline, Part 10

June 17, 2017/Uncategorized/0 Comments

The wild ancestors of the modern cat had to maximize the time they could search for food and needed a way to see in the slightest glimmer of light. Cat eyes have evolved to be super-efficient aids in order to hunt prey skillfully. This has affected the structure of their…

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The Uniqueness of the Magnificent Feline, Part 9

March 27, 2017/Uncategorized/0 Comments

Ever wonder just what is that “wiggly bit” under a cat’s belly? Technically, it is called a “Primordial Pouch”. Some people say the primordial pouch is simply a loose flap of skin, or abdominal fold, that might occur as if the cat had once been overweight and then lost the…

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The Uniqueness of the Magnificent Feline, Part 8

January 30, 2017/Uncategorized/0 Comments

As promised in Part 7, we will be discussing the most common sound cats make.  Besides meowing, chirping, chattering, hissing and growling, that gentle rumble you hear as he breathes in and out is called “The Purr”. Purring is still somewhat mysterious and frustrating as there is yet to be…

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The Uniqueness of the Magnificent Feline, Part 7

December 29, 2016/Uncategorized/0 Comments

There are three different ways cats are able to communicate with humans and other felines. It is a common misconception that they are not as expressive as other animals, such as dogs, when it comes to bonding with their humans or other animal friends. But, if you know what to…

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The Uniqueness of the Magnificent Feline, Part 6

December 3, 2016/Uncategorized/0 Comments

What are a cat’s claws made of that makes them so sharp?  Well, feline claws (or nails) are made of the same protein that makes up human claws, er, nails – keratin! As you might remember from Part 4 of our series, the protein keratin also makes up the hardened…

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The Uniqueness of the Magnificent Feline, Part 5

November 24, 2016/Uncategorized/0 Comments

The feline body is most wonderfully made, including right down to the paws and pads.  Most cats have five claws on their front paws and four on their rear paws.  A dewclaw is the first digit found on the inside of the front paw. The front paws have seven pads;…

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