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Boarding Information, Rates and Policies

Feline Exclusive Boarding

Downtown Tabby Inc. is passionate about the care and grooming needs of Felines.  We are a family run business who pamper and tend to every detail of your cat’s well-being.  

Our intimate Cat Exclusive Boarding Facility in conjunction with our Cat Exclusive Grooming Business ensures that we are aware of all your Feline’s emotional and cleanliness needs.

Our accommodations include approximately 2 ½ x 3 x 7  foot multi-level custom built single and adjoining suites with metal grid doors, views through outdoor windows along with a play area and climbing wall system to help kitties adjust to time away from home.  We devote our loving personal attention on each feline guest and offer webcam viewing for your peace of mind. In addition, we feel it is necessary to promote an atmosphere of quiet calm and relaxation by providing appropriate light, music designed especially for cats and filtered air quality.

Your beloved pet will experience serenity, free from barking dogs and other distractions, while enjoying a temperature and humidity-controlled environment.

If desired, before pick-up time, your cat will be groomed by a Certified Feline Master Groomer with the National Cat Grooming Institute and the Professional Cat Groomers Institute of America.  This will enable him/her to be fresh and clean upon arriving home. Downtown Tabby Inc. offers grooming discounts to boarded guests. We invite you to view our grooming services menu.

CHECK-IN TIMES:  Monday-Saturday (By Appointment Only) 9AM-10:30AM

These times are in consideration of our Guests, allowing them to enjoy their meals uninterrupted and facilitate the sanitizing and preparation of the suite prior to your kitty’s arrival.

CHECK-OUT TIMES:  Monday-Saturday (By Appointment Only) 4PM-5:30PM

A $10 fee will be applied to your account every half hour from your appointment time that your kitty is not picked up unless we are previously notified of an emergency.


Regular Suite:       $24 per day per suite

                                $16 per additional cat from same household (limit 2 cats per suite)

Discounts:              $1 off/suite per day for stays longer than two weeks

                                 $2 off/suite per day for stays longer than four weeks 

Please note that there is a full-day boarding fee on day of arrival (no matter check-in time) and day of  departure.

We accept Visa, Discover, MasterCard and Cash.

AT TIME OF BOOKING, 50% of the entire stay for non-holidays will be charged and is NON-REFUNDABLE.

AT TIME OF CHECK-IN, balance of stay will be charged to your credit card. At time of check-out, grooming and other incidentals incurred will be applied to your account.

AT TIME OF BOOKING FOR HOLIDAYS: including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, 4th of July, Labor Day and Memorial Day, 100% of entire stay will be charged and is NON-REFUNDABLE. 

 AT TIME OF CHECK-OUT, grooming and other incidentals incurred will be applied to your account.


We require the following up to date vaccinations which is administered by your veterinarian.  Written proof from the licensed veterinarian must be provided to us before your kitty is admitted into boarding.

FVRCP Vaccine

The FVRCP vaccine shot is a vaccine that combines several core vaccines.  The FVRCP vaccine includes the following essential vaccines: 

  • FVR, which protects against the feline viral rhinotracheitis, a respiratory infection caused by the herpes virus. This infection, also known as feline influenza can advance and affect the lungs. 
  • The C in the FVRCP vaccines stands for FCV is the feline calicivirus which may also cause an upper respiratory infection
  • The P in the FVRCP vaccine shot designates the potentially fatal feline panleukopenia virus that causes the cat distemper, which can be transmitted through bodily fluids, feces or fleas

Rabies Vaccine

If your cat is an outdoor cat, this vaccine is also required.

We do not require Bordetella.  All cats that have had a Bordetella vaccine within the last 30 days will not be allowed in our facility.  This is due to the reactions to the vaccine that resembles the actual disease, and the cat may appear ill and contagious.

Please be aware that no vaccine will protect your feline from disease 100% of the time.  The vaccine will greatly reduce the likelihood of your pet becoming ill and can also significantly reduce the severity of the illness if it occurs, but your pet may still get a disease even if it has been vaccinated for it.  In the event your cat(s) contracts a communicable disease during the time he/she stays at our boarding facility, you assume the risks and accept responsibility for the costs for all treatments. Although risks of acquiring communicable disease are small, you must acknowledge that we operate a climate controlled shared air establishment.

If your cat becomes sick or injured during his/her stay with us, we will attempt to contact you immediately.  In an emergency, we will take him/her to the nearest emergency veterinary practice. Your credit card on file will be used for payment.  If we are unable to reach you, we will call your emergency contact number. You must authorize that person to make decisions on your behalf. You are also responsible for all medical charges regardless of the circumstances.

Please be assured that all reasonable precautions will be used to prevent injury and escape of your beloved feline.  Signing of the Admission Form acknowledges that you understand the risk of loss, injury, serious illness or death and do not hold Downtown Tabby Inc. responsible. 

All cats must have collars removed while being boarded.

All cats will be checked for fleas, ear mites, ringworm and other parasites or contagious conditions.  Cats found with such conditions will not be admitted for boarding.  

All cats aged six months or older must be spayed or neutered.

Due to the delicate nature of your cat, please provide enough food to which your cat is accustomed for the duration of his/her stay.  A change in both food and environment causes stress and discomfort for most animals.

Please provide medications and clear instructions as to dosage and administration.

We provide clean, cozy blankets and bedding, however you are encouraged to bring any items which will make your cat feel more comfortable and at home.  Although we are extremely careful with our guests’ belongings, we will not be held responsible for any damage or loss to those items.


  • Meticulously kept suites with large litter boxes and premium dust free litter
  • Strict sanitation practices
  • Direct window viewing access suites
  • Specialized suites for senior cats and those who need extra solitude and privacy
  • Filtered drinking water
  • Appropriate clean dishes for feeding and water
  • Temperature controlled purifying air system
  • Music designed specifically for Felines
  • Supervised gentle play and loving cuddle time
  • Customized wall climbing system for fun exercise 


Web Cam Viewing                       $5 each suite per day 

Administering of Medications   $3 per day (Additional charge if more than once a day)

Drop off to your home at end of stay (Rate depends on mileage distance)

Airport Pick Up or Delivery       $300

If you plan to transport your cat by AIR, please visit DryFur.com first.

As cat professionals, we know the hazards of Pet Airline Travel.  Most cats picked up from the airport have had wetting accidents or water bowl spills and are forced to ride in a cold wet carrier, unable to sit or lie down the entire trip. Our hearts go out to them for their discomfort!  Therefore, we require all cats who have accidents in their carriers because of traveling by AIR or long distances, to have a DRYFUR disposable crate mat in their carrier. Any cat who does not have a DRYFUR or equal and has arrived at our facility wet, must be given full grooming services and thoroughly dried prior to being admitted into our suite accommodations. These services will be applied to your account on file.

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