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How Important is Play to Your Cat?

October 9, 2016/Uncategorized

Most cats love to play, no matter what their age.  As they mature their personal drive for play may diminish, but not the actual need.  Play develops physical coordination and balance, while stimulating intellectual growth.  Kittens learn basic survival skills and this activity provides valuable exercise needed to keep fit.

I think the most important aspect of play is the relief of boredom, loneliness and stress-related problems.  Because cats are highly intelligent and emotionally sensitive, a loss of attention from their people impacts them greatly.  Some might say that felines are aloof and wish only to be with their own kind or by themselves.  I wish to challenge this belief and ask those who ascribe to this thinking to take some time each day and engage with their cat in play.

Obesity, the single biggest problem for indoor cats, can be dramatically changed with just 10 minutes of play a day.  Fortunately, even the most sedentary of cats enjoy play if properly challenged.  Always be gentle and consider if your cat initiates play or needs a jumpstart.  Play-alone toys can be effective while you are away from home. These toys can be purchased online or at any pet retailer.  Feline activity centers engage all of kitty’s prey-hunting senses while letting them see, chase and swat at a specially-designed ball.  Battery operated toys entice cats to bat, paw, pounce.  Many cats are indoor only and are deprived of being able to exhibit this natural behavior.

Play-together toys such as a Play-Paw, toy wands, remote control mice, cat nip balls, and laser pointers not only create activity for your cat but produce something much more important. All felines sense and appreciate the focused attention and time that one takes with them.  In turn, it strengthens the bond of love produced by this “now moment” between cat and human. 

What’s more important than that? 

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