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Service Menu

All Full Coat Services Include:

  • Weight Check
  • Nail Trim
  • Ear Cleanse
  • Eye and Face Cleaning
  • Attention to Chin Acne and Stud Tail
  • Face Trim (Specific Breeds)
  • Two (or More) Shampoo Treatments with Botanical or Natural Products Made for Cats Only
  • Blow Dry by Hand
  • Thorough Comb Out
  • Final Coat Enhancers

Short Hair Full Coat Groom

An additional fee will apply for a weight of 12lbs and over.

Long Hair Full Coat Groom

An additional fee will apply for a weight of 12lbs and over.


Style Services

Comb Cut

This trim leaves the hair 3/8th to 1″ depending on preference.  No matting can be present for this trim.  Full Coat Services Included.



Lion Cut

This trim is very short, shaved close to the skin, leaving hair on the head/ruff, the paws/boots, with a pompom on the tail.  Variations can be requested.  Full Coat Services Included.


Additional Services


Sanitary Clip:  This trim is a close shave around the anal area and inside of back legs to facilitate cleanliness.

Belly Shave:  Belly is shaved closely to remove or prevent matting.

Teddy Belly:  Belly is shaved 3/8” to 1” long.

De-shedding Treatment:  This treatment removes additional undercoat on shedding cats.

Toe Tuft Trim:  Although preferred in certain breeds, these are the longer hairs growing on tops and bottoms of paw pads.

Claw Cap Application:  Nail Caps are a Humane Alternative to De-Clawing and a great solution for scratching furniture, carpets, etc. Must be removed or replaced after 6-8 weeks.

Flea Shampoo:  Cat-safe flea shampoo used to remove live fleas.


Downtown Tabby Idaho Cat Groomers

Comb Cut (Top: Before. Bottom: After)

Lion Cut.

A La Carte Services


                                                                                                              1.  Nail Trim

2.  Nail Trim with Eye & Ear Cleanse


Additional Fees Will Be Applied For The Following Conditions:

Matting, Pelt Removal, Age, Excessive Aggressive Behavior, Fecal Removal, Excessive Weight, Salon Clean-Up for Flea Infestation or Ringworm

Downtown Tabby Inc. reserves the right to refuse service should health/safety issues be a concern.

We understand the delicate and emotional nature of felines and strive to attain a less fearful and more relaxing grooming experience.

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